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Béatrice Graf Drums /Art Performer
Since 1992 around the world....

NEWS:  Solo Album "Chansons & More" & Release Tour 2024

Album Solo "Chansons & more"


  • Béatrice Graf
  • « Chansons & More »
  • Lynn Feyer (Artwork)
  • Recorded and mixed by Domi Chansorn (Zurich 2022) and Mathieu Epiney and Valentin Liechti (Geneva 2019 and 2023).
  • Mastered by Christian Guggenbühl.
  • Booking: friedhelm@pojpoj.com
  • Label: ripopee.net
  • Distribution : irascible


The link collection is here:

(c) Greg Clement

Presentation One Woman Band
Before the concert, there is a suitcase on wheels. After the concert too. During the performance, everything in this mobile trunk will appear on stage. Not much. And yet a lot. Enough for Béatrice Graf, a multifaceted musician for whom music has no secrets, to evoke a changing world in a series of set pieces. While percussion provides the general structure, numerous landscapes are conjured up by her guitar... on a single string, used like a versatile Lap Steel. On that one string, Béatrice Graf both strikes and caresses. One hears Led Zeppelin, Ravi Shankar, Fela Kuti. Trance, meditation, rock, folklore—in the mobile trunk of the Geneva artist, there is a one-woman orchestra, enough to remake the world. And then packs it up until the next concert.
Also in this suitcase is an album, 'Chansons & More', the first under the artist's own name after many years in the business. Having received the Swiss Music Prize in 2019, she wanted to spread her wings after touring extensively in Switzerland and abroad with the duo Ester Poly. ‘Chansons & More’ contains songs in French and English that speak of ecology, women, addictions, and love. At the heart of her time, lighter and freer than ever, Béatrice Graf here starts a new chapter in her long and rich career.
Rodolphe Haener 2024

Béatrice Graf Drums /Art Performer since 1992 awards: 2019 Swiss Music Prize 2022 Merite artistique de la Ville de Nyon  / Ester Poly' WET Hummus Records 

Upcoming Concerts

12.07 F.CHITACUMBI & B.GRAF  @Cycloton Genève |  Parc Beaulieu 19:30
13.07  F.CHITACUMBI & B.GRAF @Cycloton Carouge |  Festival Tour de Plage 17:30
14.07  F.CHITACUMBI & B.GRAF @Cycloton Vessy | Berges de Vessy 15:00 bricolage instruments, 17:00 concert
15.07  F.CHITACUMBI & B.GRAF @Cycloton Nyon |  la Soliderie 16:30 bricolage instruments, 18:30 concert
17.07  F.CHITACUMBI & B.GRAF @Cycloton Ecublens |  Ferme de Bassenges 17:30
18.07  F.CHITACUMBI & B.GRAF @Cycloton Yverdon |  La Dérivée 19:00
19.07 F.CHITACUMBI & B.GRAF @Cycloton Serrières |  Barraquito 18:00
20.07  F.CHITACUMBI & B.GRAF @Cycloton Bevaix |  Pointe du Grain 21:00
21.07  F.CHITACUMBI & B.GRAF @Cycloton Bienne/Biel | Gurzelen 18:00
23.07 AUFZUG! w.Domi Chansorn @Cycloton Faoug |  Eco-Topia 17:00
24.07 AUFZUG! w.Domi Chansorn @Cycloton Berne/Bern |  Lorrainebad 17:30
25.07 AUFZUG! w.Domi Chansorn @Cycloton Guin/Düdingen | Bad Bonn 19:30
26.07 AUFZUG! w.Domi Chansorn @Cycloton Bulle |  Le Chapit'O 20:00
27.07 AUFZUG! w.Domi Chansorn @Cycloton FR Fribourg - Le Port 17:00

21.06 SOLO @ Slowclub  |  DE- Freiburg im Brisgau
30.06 MUNZELI @ AMR aux Cropettes Festival | Genève 19:30
09.08 SH-Schaffhausen-Rybadi Festival SH-Schaffhausen-Rybadi Festival 20:00
10.08 NE- Môtiers-Hors Tribu Festival NE- Môtiers-Hors Tribu Festival 19:00
07.09 Festival du Bois Dunant à Eysins

Jeder Mensch sollte Béatrice Graf mindestens dreimal im Leben spielen hören.

Es wäre nicht vermessen, sie als Grande Dame des Schlagzeugs zu bezeichnen, aber irgendwie ist sie dafür viel zu pünkig
Tabea Andres, Berner Kultur Agenda 6 -19. April 2023


Souffle coupé

Quand la génialissime Lovelybbones nous a présenté son idée de la booker pour le festival, on a tout de suite été emballé.

Mais alors en live, la claque. Ca restera un de mes plus beaux souvenirs de Tea room

Vanessa Cojocaru, mother de Tea Room festival.


Die gebratenen Tauben fliegen einem nicht in den Mund

Diese Bemerkung, die Béatrice Graf vor rund zehn Jahren in einem Gespräch wie eine Selbstverständlichkeit aussprach, fasst die Lebensphilosophie der aussergewöhnlichen Musikerin zusammen. Eine Mischung aus gesundem Menschen- verstand, der aus einer beschwerlichen Kindheit in einem ländlichen Umfeld stammt und einer entschlossenen Zielstrebigkeit aus drei Jahrzenten Do-it-yourself-Praxis.
Schweizer Musikpreis Magazin, Béatrice Graf Preisträgerin 2019


The percussionist Béatrice Graf is a true surprise package

Whether as a soloist on her self-built trunk drum set, in the furious power duo Ester Poly or as a show-playing music mediator - she always captivates with her very own timing and an urgency that results not least from the constant confrontation with the great challenges of our time. This year, her work was honoured with the prestigious Swiss Music Prize.
Clemens Kuratle, Jazz'n'More


Patently imaginative

Graf’s playing is patently imaginative, at times tastefully reserved, at others fully extroverted, drawing on an array of found percussion implements. Her eclectic cast of musical character actors renders a satisfying pastiche of soundscapes and styles that holds up well over two discs.

New-York Jazz review


... davvero convincente!

Beat & Lip di Beatrice Graf e Philippe Ehinger (Altrisuoni) (...) i due riescono a moltiplicare in modo davvero convincente (...) e il panorama sonoro (...) è ricco di suoni, timbri, magie colorate che fanno pensare ad una dimensione orchestrale. Il contesto è sfuggente, il linguaggio è quello del jazz, ma la musica che la Graf e Ehinger ci propongono non è etichettabile. (...) Quello che fa da comune denominatore è un senso del ritmo sempre ben pronunciato, bello carico di sensazioni intense e pronunciate, accattivante per l’indomito entusiasmo. Un canovaccio su cui è piacevole improvvisare, cosa che i due fanno senza porsi limiti.

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