No Techno Dance: Hand Made


UTR 4159
release date:
running time:
Claude Jordan – electronics and flutes
Nicolas Sordet – electronics
Béatrice Graf – drums
Claude Tabarini – drums
Recorded: April 2001, Studio des Forces Motrices, Geneva, Engineer: David Weber
Mastering: David Sciufari
Produced by: No Techno Dance
liner notes:
NO TECHNO DANCE is – if you allow the expression – “handmade techno”. It is indeed a music for dancing, which resumes with the prime calling of the percussion. Nevertheless, it isn't all “commercial” music. All in this album, or nearly all, is a matter of improvisation and groove. Funk, music from around the world and music close to hardcore are meeting here. However, these elements are never predertimined nor premeditated. They haven't been thought of as styles, but have been naturally integrated in the improvisation and, at the same time, dominated by it. The share of electronic in this mixture is reversed: it isn't as prevailing as in what we use to call “techno” (which doesn't reduce the latter's appeal).

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